15-minute LED treatment | The Light Salon

Best for facial lift and glow on the go


While on a business trip to London this week I visited The Light Salon located at Harvey Nichols Beauty Room. It was in the neighbourhood where I was scheduled for my meeting pitching my marketing presentation (that I was already excited and anxious about) and thought I needed an extra “glowing confidence” from Knightsbridge’s best kept secret – skin rejuvenation bar.  And so, I ventured out before my marketing meeting at noon.

The Light Salon 4

My session was a quiet moment of bliss – calm, relaxing and reinvigorating. Sitting comfortably in the white designer lounge chair, the Express LED Rejuvenation (Yellow light) begins. While closing my eyes (protective eye mask applied), I couldn’t help but start to enjoy my lunch break.

I was instantly able to disconnect, while soothingly warm near-infra-red light (the opposite of damaging UV) was silently working away to boost, hydrate, brighten, plump and glow while stimulating collagen and accelerating healing.  The results?  With just one treatment were impressive: my skin immediately looked decidedly more even and radiant.

The Light Salon 3

Temperature-wise, I never felt too hot while the light was being applied—the brightness is far more noticeable than any heat. In terms of immediate results, co-workers who didn’t know I’d had a facial said my skin looked “fresh” when I returned to work (always a good sign).

After The Light Salon

With no downtime and immediate results, light therapy is fast becoming a popular alternative to traditional facials.  The Light Salon delivers supercharged ExpressLED facials that give you naturally radiant skin, it’s the non-invasive route to a younger looking skin giving you an instant glow that will last for two to three day.

Co-Founder, Laura Ferguson, “As somebody who’s suffered from problem skin in the past, I know how it can feel – like there’s no end in sight. So, when I discovered LED treatments in my thirties, it was like the curtain had been lifted, and my skin showed dramatic improvements. For me, it’s so important that we make this technology accessible to everyone, because everybody deserves to be their best self.”

The menu also includes add-ons such as Microdermabrasion Buffs, smooths, decongests (15mins) or the Express LED Acne Treatment (Blue light) anti-bacterial, deep cleansing, corrective (25mins).  It’s the ultimate boost to your skin’s natural radiance, and just the thing for targeting problem areas that naturally boosts the skin’s collagen production, correcting and healing.

Due to popular demand, The Light Salon treatments are now also available at Cowshed Selfridges, either while having a manicure and pedicure or simply on their own.

The Light Salon at Harvey Nichols and Cowshed Selfridges, from £35 a treatment.




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