A (Conscious) Guide to Holiday Decorating

All lights shine bright tonight as we host our pre-Christmas party with our close friends and family.

This year, I have re-used all of my Christmas decorations, such as plastic and glass baubles and tinsel (as they can’t be recycled). I really made a conscious effort to be mindful of how I can minimise waste and increase recycling during this festive season. Therefore, I have opted to re-use all my festive decorations. Last year, any unwanted decorations, I have donated them to charity shops which can also be a solution.

According to GPW Group, Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also one of the most wasteful, creating a rise in the volume of waste materials being produced and disposed of during this busy season. Much of this, unfortunately, is sent to landfill where it damages the environment. The upside? Up to 70% of our waste can be recycled or reused if we all of do our part.

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