A Very Conscious Christmas

Wishing all a wonderful Christmas during this festive time. Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us. Especially about honouring yourself and planet earth.

As my journey continues to live more consciously as an activist and planet-lover shared on my personal blog, GOING GREEN, I wanted to share how I have made a serious effort to host this Christmas with environmentally-conscious at heart. One of those transformations includes putting an eco-friendly spin on a traditional Christmas novelty.

Using 100% recycled wrapping paper set by printed with vegetable oil by Seed EcoRecycled (Tip: To find out whether a paper can be recycled this Christmas, remember to do the scrunch test – if you can scrunch it into a ball and it stays scrunched then it can be recycled). Limiting my gifting purchases dramatically to 1 per person, rejecting the culture of consumerism in favour of homemade gifts, in-person activities or gifting from brands committed to honesty, integrity, and transparency—from the supply chain, to the impact on consumers, the environment, and their employees.

And most recently discovered, rental tables-capes by @laylondonlt to host our family Christmas lunch.

This solves one of UK’s biggest problem unnecessary consumption, which is an enormous problem. According to a report from Allianz Global Investors that calculated all of the reported goods and services consumed by the global population, we used 1.7 annums — what the planet can naturally restore in a year — of the earth’s biocapacity. I was so thrilled to discover them on my hunt to ‘keeping it conscious’ as @laylondonltd reuses tables setting for every occasion. It offers convenience and doesn’t cost the earth.

In light of the festive theme, I have opted for ‘Red Collection.’ This table setting hire comes with a complete set of flatware, decor, glassware, accessories, etc. And the service comes with a complete table setting. How genius is that?

And, it’s the first of its kind. LAY London is the city’s first tables cape rental service, delivering dazzling, curated settings to your door.

When creating the rental table hire, former Tiffany PR manager, Alice Herbert kept the main premises of solving the current issue of overconsumption. That is, 7 out of 10 people will readily admit to buying far more food than they need – renting for every occasion. The sharing economy similar to the fashion (@my wardrobe-hq), model that have saved 11m items of clothing end up in landfill each week in the UK alone. LAY London mission is to do the same.

My daughter, first time sitting at ‘Red Collection’ and exploring all the beautiful accessories rented at @laylondonltd

Taking small steps to be sustainable during the holidays can not only have an impact on the environment, but also on the culture. My hope for this Christmas, whether is to inspire my peers, friends and family to contribute in their own personal approach to a cleaner and greener future.

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