Winterproof Your Skin: HOUSE OF LIFE N31 Face Repair Cream

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It can be hard to find a 2-1 moisturiser gentle enough for all skin types, especially in the depths of winter as cold air strips us of essential moisture and nutrients.

HOUSE OF LIFE ‘N31 Face Repair Cream’  is just that. A ground breaking organic skincare solution with cosmeceuticals efficiency that includes natural healing ingredients and blend with soothing oil blends are suitable for vegetarians to help heal and rejuvenate the skin.

A great 2-1 step process, made easy.   I used it every morning and night and especially on long-haul flights travelling on business with @Kleen_app to smooth and brighten your complexion.

What I love most HOUSE OF LIFE ‘N31 Face Repair Cream’ naturally-sourced range strengthens the surface and penetrate deep into the epidermal layers to even skin tone and smooth texture. And above all, solves anti-aging  concerns while protecting skin from harmful UV & IR light.

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